Asian University of Bangladesh received formal approval of the Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh on 4th January 1996 as a degree awarding university under the Private University Act, 1992. It was inaugurated in September 1996 by Mr. Abdur Razzak, Honorable Minister for Water Resource, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh. AUB is accredited by the University grant Commission of Bangladesh.

The Efforts to establish this University go back to 1990 when the idea was first mooted out by a life long educationist, the founder of AUB, Professor Abul Hasan M Sadeq, to import high quality education as widely as possible from an interdisciplinary, integrated ethico-human approach reflecting our values, heritage and principles. Efforts continued for mobilizing a pool of academic resource from experienced and committed Bangladeshi academicians attached to overseas universities. The academic programs of AUB have been prepared by experts with cooperation from reputed overseas universities to meet international standards of education.


:: AUB - A Unique University ::

AUB is a unique university in Bangladesh. Its salient features include the following:

  1. AUB provides dual mode of education: Distance Education and On-campus Education, which is unique in Bangladesh. Dual mode of education exists mostly in developed countries.

  2. The academic curriculum of AUB has been developed with the help of experts from reputed universities, at home and abroad, to provide high quality education comparable with that of world-class universities.
  3. An International Advisory Board consisting of members from American, Canadian and Australian universities advises on the academic standard of AUB.
  4. In academic programs, AUB has adopted an inter-disciplinary and ethico-human approach so that the graduates of AUB are professionally sound and morally upright and equipped with multidimensional insights to face the challenges of real life in the complex world of modem times.
  5. AUB follows the full credit hour system that provides flexibility to students to adjust their studies according to their interests, ability, needs and desired time plan
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  7. AUB can reach every nook and corner of Bangladesh by its Distance mode of education and thus high quality education is accessible even to remote areas of the country including the rural poor.

  8. Through distance education, AUB can go beyond the boundary of Bangladesh with its high quality education,
    specially Asian countries and particularly to its South-Asian neighborhood.


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